March 24, 2023
05:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Campus Events
Blair Room 162 - LLC

Join us as a player or spectator for a roleplaying adventure called "Return of the Broccolites"! This story, the second part of a story, written and ran during Gencon 2019 by the Dungeons and Dragons Club. You now have the opportunity to join the process as we play through the aftermath of the first story, in an epic conclusion to the adventure. This adventure will run for a length of two hours, with opportunities to learn the system called Teens in Space. You do not need to bring anything, but I would recommend bringing a set of d20 dice if you own some. Otherwise, all materials will be provided for play.

In this game, a group of teenagers return to their hometown to say goodbye to the middle school they attended growing up. They discover that one important person from their old school is missing and set out to find a missing person, only to end up being taken off the planet as they learn of an even dangerous threat on its way to earth. It is up to the teenagers to explore new technology and save themselves, and everybody else. Players will work together to problem solve and save the world, yet again.

Nathan Farris