March 02, 2023
07:30 PM - 09:00 PM
Campus Events Memorial Union
White Concert Hall

Join us for the Thomas L. King Lecture to see Robyn Faith Walsh as she speaks about "Argumentum ad lunam: Discourse and Competition on the Moon".

Throughout Paul's letters in the New Testament there are curious references to cosmology, trips to the "third heaven," and even meditations on the nature and purpose of the moon and other celestial objects. When compared with ancient Greek and Roman writers and philosophers, such discourse is commonplace. But modern translations, influenced by later Christian theological understandings of the afterlife, obscure the degree to which Paul is engaged in demonstrating his authority on questions of extraterrestrial existence. In an age in which discourses and demonstrations involving the moon were rife, I argue that Paul envisions Christ-followers ultimately existing among the stars in pneumatic or spiritual form, with a home specifically in the shadow of the moon.

Chris Jones