March 25, 2023
06:00 PM - 07:30 PM
Campus Events Music
White Concert Hall

Prepare to be transported to a world where man and machine come together in a unique and exciting way as Dr. Von Hansen, Assistant Professor of Percussion at Washburn University, presents "Playing with Ghosts".

The concert will feature an exciting series of pieces that meld a variety of percussion sounds with computer-generated soundscapes, showcasing the incredible possibilities that arise when musicians and technology work together.

Hansen will perform music for snare drum and computer by Cort Lippe, where the computer tracks the snare drum performance and uses this information to continuously influence and manipulate the computer sound output, resulting in an otherworldly auditory experience.

Audiences can also expect to be awed by Chad Heiny's "Auroras," which creates lush images of multi-colored auroras using orchestral bells and computer, as well as "Maturin," which represents a giant turtle that holds the world on its back with booming bass drums.

Hansen will also perform several of his own compositions, including "It's Like the Nothing Never Was" for interactive computer system, and "Grawix" for live looping musician, which creates the sense of a live DJ set.

Von Hansen