January 10, 2023
Daily until Mar, 18 2023
Campus Events Mulvane WUMester
Mulvane Art Museum

Invitations to Listen, a contemplation of the 2023 WUmester theme of health and healing, presents work that artist Rachel Epp Buller created in response to her daily walks during a residency in Alberta, Canada. While on her walks, Buller explored how listening can be a mindful, intentional act carried out not just with the ears but with the whole body. Her art invites you to slow down, ground yourself in the here and now, and listen.

The Mulvane Art Museum has installed signs around campus that follow the 1.25 mile WU walking path. The signs include photographs by the artist. The signs also have a QR code that leads to a sound work by Buller. Participants are invited to listen to Racher's sound work as they walk the path.

Opening reception is on February 3rd.

Kelly Erby