April 06, 2022
06:30 PM - 08:00 PM
Campus Events WUMester
Henderson #112
Fritz Lang's silent futurist classic poses a question of identity similar to that of Martin Guerre: once the evil inventor Rotwang has crafted a robot Maria to replace the kidnapped woman who had been preaching a message of redemptive hope to oppressed workers in the catacombs deep beneath the future city, how can we tell the real Maris from the robot? Ok, ok, the search for a true Maria is not the real focus of the film; we've just had lots of requests for a screening. Still, Lang's work, a product of the deeply-riven political turmoil of Weimar Germany, offers a range of ways to think about the true ideals toward which a future should build. Following recent convention, Matt Nyquist (Mass Media) and Tom Prasch (History) will talk over the film (it's silent anyway), providing Mystery Science Theatre-style commentary and wisecracks.
Dr. Kelly Erby