March 23, 2022
07:00 PM - 08:30 PM
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Henderson #112
In 1549, after being gone for eight years of war, Martin Guerre returned to Artigat, the southern French village he had left behind, and to his wife and child. That is one version of events. The other version, promoted by his in-laws as the returned Martin begins to challenge traditional ways of doing things, claims that this returned "Martin" was a fraud, engaged in a self-serving masquerade, stealing another man's identity (and sleeping with another man's wife). But how, in early-modern Europe, an era without birth certificates or passports or driver's licenses, do you determine someone's identity? Daniel Vigne's film, featuring Gerard Depardieu in the title role explores the historical trial of Martin Guerre, hewing closely to historian Natalie Zemon Davis' study of the events.