January 26, 2022
Daily until Jan, 27 2022
Campus Events WUMester

WUmester is intended to foster a university-wide conversation on a topic related to social justice that will change each spring semester. The goal of the program is to engage the entire WU community in a cross-discplinary learning experience on timely subjects and help students see the connections between the subjects they study in the classroom and real-world debates and problems.

The topic for 2022 is truth. "Truth" has a variety of meanings, but the most common definitions refer to the property of being in accord with fact or reality. In other words, truth is often considered the opposite of falsehood. Defining truth, however, is complicated by the fact that we live in a world that is partly natural and partly invented. "The earth rotates around the sun" is a true account of a natural phenomenon, but "the earth rotates around the sun every 24 hours" is only true in societies that impose that system of time measurement. The social roles we inhabit and our personal identities and experiences further complicate what we accept as "true." How do power and privilege shape who gets to make truth claims? What forces affect which "truths" are heard and believed, and which are hidden, ignored, or discredited? Are there different ways to knowing the truth and different perspectives from which to know it? What happens when people living in a society together-especially a multicultural democracy-do not agree on what is true?

We will be tabeling January 26 & 27 from 11:00 - 1:00 outside of the icard office and people who come by will be able to make a button featuring their truth to wear for WUmester.

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Dr. Kelly Erby